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Steve understands firsthand the impact that fitness and wellness can have on a person's life. As a life-long fitness enthusiast, he has experienced the physical and mental benefits that come with making health a priority. Taking this knowledge and combining it with his expertise as a Research Analyst, Steve is able to provide unique insights and perspectives on the latest trends and studies within the health and wellness industry. Through his blog, he shares his passion for longevity and well-being, aiming to inspire and enrich the lives of his readers. His dedication to promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle is evident in everything he does.

About us


For Steve, fitness and wellness are more than just hobbies - they're a way of life. Having made a priority of his own health and longevity, Steve understood the importance of sharing his knowledge and passion with others. Using his background as a research analyst and his natural talent for content writing, he began creating personal and insightful blog posts aimed at inspiring and empowering others to pursue their own health and wellness journeys. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just beginning your own path towards wellness, Steve's relatable approach and wealth of knowledge make his work a must-read. Through his writing, he seeks to help others achieve the same level of optimal health and happiness that he's found - and to spread the message that true fitness and wellness is about more than just fitting into a pair of skinny jeans.

When it comes to achieving a healthy lifestyle, it's not just about making the right choices but also having someone to support you in your efforts. For Steve, that person is his wife, Corrie. With her unwavering support and encouragement, Steve has been able to share his insights and knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle with others. His passion for enhancing the lives of those around him has been fueled in part by the love and support he receives from Corrie. Together, we hope to inspire others to prioritize their own health and well-being.


Blog Writing


My Blog content is based on my keen understanding of relevant topics  of interest for various demographics. 

Having an extensive background in mentoring, analysis, journalism, communication and fitness. I develop and produce relatable written content of interest.



Life Coach


As a Life Coach I assist First Responders and Service members manage their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological recover from traumatic events that have occurred in their lives.  


Writing Projects

 I have developed, designed, produced numerous written/video content on various topics of discussion.


The subject matters have centered on health, faith-based, wellness and longevity.  

These projects have been shared on various social media sites.


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