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Steve is a Blogger, Videographer, and Personal Trainer. His content creation focuses on Social, Health/Fitness/Nutrition and Faith. 

Steve has an extensive background in Journalism, Communications, Social Media, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, and Health/Fitness.

About us


Steve & Corrie are Christians who have a passion of bringing positive content while enhancing the lives of others through their videos and blogs. Both are lifelong health/fitness enthusiasts who were national level athletes in their respective sports.


Steve is a Research Analyst, Personal Trainer, Blogger, and Videographer.


Corrie was a social worker and mentor for youth at risk and is currently a business owner.


Steve & Corrie’s content creation focuses on an array of subject matters from Social, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Longevity and Faith.


They utilize research from original source information in their informational and educational videos and content writing that improves the credibility of each video and blog they create and produce.


Steve & Corrie engage numerous sources to achieve this goal, which provides their audience with relevant and factual content.


Blog Writing


My Blog content is based on my keen understanding of relevant topics  of interest for various demographics. 

Having an extensive background in analysis, journalism, communication and fitness. I develop and produce relatable written and video content of interest.



Content Writing


I have an extensive background in Analysis, Journalism, Communications, and Fitness.  


I am responsible for all aspects of content writing/editing for Coreve International. This includes development, design, production, evaluation and analysis. I utilize this data and feedback from our audience to evaluate and enhance the value of a set of written materials and websites.


Writing Projects

 I have developed, designed, produced numerous written/video content on various topics of discussion.


The subject matters have centered on social, faith-based and personal fitness projects. 

These projects have been shared on various social media sites.


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