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Chest Exercises At Home For Ladies

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Sagging in the breast area is one of the symptoms of ageing that all of us will experience sooner or later. If it bothers you, try including a few breast exercises into your fitness program to give your bust a firmer, perkier appearance.

In this blog and video series we are going to look at certain chest workouts that not only help to lift your breasts by strengthening the pectoral muscle beneath them, but they also help you to enhance your posture, gain strength, and burn fat.

Knee Push-Ups.

  • Kneel on an exercise mat as if doing a push-up. The distance between your hands must be slightly greater than the width of your shoulders. Keep your spine in a neutral position and pull in your stomach muscles.

  • While resting on your knees, lift your lower extremities. The palms of your hands and your knees are now supporting your body.

  • Bend at the elbows and lower your body towards the ground. You should feel a fair amount of stretching in your chest on the way down.

  • Return to the starting position, and do three sets of 10 repetitions each.

Dumbbell Chest Press.

  • Place a bench at a 45 degree angle.

  • Dumbbells should be held straight above the chest, palms facing front.

  • Bring both arms down to your chest in a smooth, control form.

  • Squeeze the muscles in your chest.

  • Return the dumbbells to their starting position, bringing them together at the top.

  • Complete three sets of 8–12 repetitions.

Dumbbell Plank Rotation.

  • Start in the plank position, with your hands under your shoulders and your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Dumbbells should be held in both hands.

  • Twist your torso and reach for the ceiling with your left hand.

  • Return to the starting position with your left hand. Reverse the process with your right hand.

  • Do three sets of 8–12 reps.

Down Dog To Plank With Knee Tap.

  • Begin by getting down on your hands and knees. Maintain a straight line between your shoulders and wrists, and your hips and knees.

  • Straighten your legs and tuck your toes under. Your core should be engaged, and don’t let your back sag or your shoulders scrunch up toward your ears. Relax your head and neck. You’re in Plank Pose..

  • Back up your hips and buttocks. Push away slightly with your arms as you engage your core. You’ll be in an upside down, V-shaped pose.

  • This is Downward Dog Pose.

Dumbbell Floor Fly.

  • Lie on an exercise mat with your feet flat on the ground and knees bent to perform this boob workout. Hold a pair of lightweight dumbbells just over your chest in your hands. Keep your arms slightly bent and your palms facing inward.

  • Bring your arms down towards the floor in a semi-arcing motion until they line up with your bust, with your arms locked and abdominal muscles drawn in.

  • Squeeze your arms as they come into contact with the ground. Return to the initial position without straightening them. Squeeze your chest muscles and hold for one second.

  • Do three sets of 8–12 repetitions each.

Incline Bench Press.

  • Lie down on your back on a bench that is inclined at a 45 to 60-degree inclination.

  • Place your feet on the ground and hold either dumbbells or weighted bar.

  • Push upwards facing ahead until your elbows are straight and the weights are above eye level.

  • Keeping your elbows in line with your wrists, bring the weights down to your upper chest.

  • Perform three sets of ten repetitions each.

In Conclusion.

The fact that women need to strengthen their pectoral muscles is an unspoken truth. Working on your pectoral muscles as a woman is one of the best decisions you can make, and you can do so with the help of these noted effective chest exercises.

These chest exercises are designed to help you balance all of your upper body muscles. Slowly and surely, your torso, like your chest, is shaped and toned, giving you a far better posture than before.

To maintain muscle mass, drink enough of water before, during, and after each workout, and include enough protein in your diet. For even better overall results, combine your training with cardio, lower body, and core workouts.

About The Authors: Steve & Corrie are Christian Bloggers, Videographers, Steve is a Research Analyst, Corrie is a business owners and both are Personal Trainers who competed at a national level.

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