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How To Lose Male Body Fat

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Basically, weight loss for either a man or woman is virtually the same. One key factor for losing fat is consuming less calories than our body requires. It’s a “two-pronged” strategy whereupon the first aspect is determining how many calories we take in a certain period of time. The second aspect of this equation is how many calories we expend during that amount of time. Knowing this information will allow us to determine what would be the proper amount of calories consumed while determining the amount of calories we burn to enable us to be at a daily deficit.

The Following Are Some Men's Weight Loss Tips:

Increase Protein Intake.

Eating adequate protein is the simplest improvement we can make to our diet to decrease abdominal fat. This is due to a number of factors. Satiety is increased by increasing protein intake. If we are not hungry, we are unlikely to eat. As a result, boosting satiety can lead to weight loss that is effortless.

According to Harvard Health Publishing the recommended Dietary Allowance for the average sedentary individual is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. For my American peeps that would be 2.2 lbs. However, since we are going to be active we should consider 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Furthermore, eating adequate protein throughout the day ensures that we keep our metabolically active mass even when we are on a calorie deficit. By eating adequate protein and pushing our muscles to failure through resistance exercise, we can even grow muscle while losing belly fat. Legumes, certain dairy products, grass fed meat, eggs, and lean seafood are all good sources of bio-available protein.

Vinegar Should Be Added to Your Diet.

Vinegar is a fantastic addition to our diet if we are attempting to reduce body fat. Vinegar, particularly apple cider vinegar, is one of the most diverse condiments when it comes to health benefits. Over the course of three months, one study revealed that drinking one to two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar on a daily basis lowered body weight, abdominal fat, and waist circumference. Personal tip when drinking apple cider vinegar – first thing in the morning pour one a cup of water, then add apple cider vinegar, a squirt of lemon juice and Crystal~Light. I love this concoction, as I not only start my day off by drinking a cup of this potion, I also have it during my daily workouts.

Another known fact is adding apple cider vinegar to your diet can help you lose approximately 275 calories every day. With 3,500 calories in a pound of fat, this one simple adjustment can help you lose over half a pound of fat per week. Other healthy alternatives would be adding white vinegar to refreshing hydrating salads and soups to boost your metabolism and satiety.

Consume Healthy Fats.

Dietary fat is not the enemy when it comes to losing belly fat. While it may seem contradictory, consuming healthy fats can promote satiety, reducing the risk of weight gain. It also facilitates fat loss by reducing the temptation to overeat. Foods, such as tuna, salmon, almonds, olive oil, and coconut milk, should be included in our diet.

Simultaneously, we should make a concerted effort to reduce our intake of harmful fats. Trans fats are found in processed foods and should be avoided. Consume saturated fat-containing meals in extreme moderation. Meals that are natural, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are the best fats to consume.

Drink More Nutritious Drinks.

Making better beverage choices is another simple modification we can make to burn abdominal fat. If you drink soda, look at gradually decreasing to a point you no longer drink these sugar infused excuses for drinks. This may be a challenging shift to make at first, but it will help you lose hundreds of calories each day without requiring you to spend additional time in the gym. Also, reduce or avoid drinking fruit juices that have been processed and are not as “natural” as advertised.

Make homemade orange juice if you can't start your day without a glass of orange juice. Consume alcohol in moderation. Even though certain hard liquor has low calories, they do cause dehydration, which in turn will have us craving salty things like pretzels and fries. This can result in lowering our inhibitions, and may cause us to seek fat-inducing meals like half a pizza or our favorite cheese burger and fries.

Increase Water Consumption.

There's nothing wrong with drinking whole coconut milk or homemade fruit juice in moderation. However, calorie-free beverages should account for the majority of your liquid intake. Green tea and black coffee are abundant in polyphenols, antioxidants, and other health-promoting micronutrients. These are good options if you're not sensitive to caffeine.

However, drinking water is the most effective way to lose weight. We frequently confuse thirst with hunger. As a result, we eat high-sodium foods automatically to assist our bodies retain what little water they have left. However, because our bodies do not require the calories for fuel, we gain weight. Water improves our metabolism, is calorie-free, and does not mislead our hunger signals.

Increase Fibre Consumption.

Some studies have revealed that on average, participants lost between 3 to 4% of their belly fat when consuming soluble fibre. It has been proven that soluble fibre absorbs water as it passes slowly through the digestive tract. This allows us to feel fuller for longer periods of time. Good choices for some soluble fibre would include various nuts, seeds, whole grains, high-fiber fruits, legumes, and high-fiber veggies.

Reduce Intake of Refined Carbohydrates.

We should limit our intake of refined carbohydrates since during their manufacturing the bran and germ are removed. The end result is food that is deficient in fibre and nutrients while also having a high glycemic index. Our blood sugar levels fluctuate when we eat meals with a high glycemic index.

Hunger and calorie consumption increase when blood sugar levels rise and fall. Excess abdominal fat is the effect of this. On the other hand, incorporating more whole grains into our diet will help us lose belly fat, lower our BMI, and burn overall body fat. Replace processed cereals, white bread, and pasta with whole wheat pasta, and whole wheat bread. Personally, I prefer gluten-free products since I believe they are easier on our system. The preference is your choice.

Try Intermittent Fasting.

For those who have been following me on my videos and blogs, know I am a proponent of Intermittent Fasting for numerous reasons. However, for this particular topic I will focus research indicating that intermittent fasting is a particularly useful technique for losing body fat. Intermittent fasting is no more complex than cycling through periods of eating and not eating. By “not eating,” requires that we don’t consume more than 10 calories during the fasting period, since higher calories would take us out of our fasted state. This means drinking coffee black or tea without certain creamy condiments. Caveat: it will take a certain period of time to get use to not putting cream in our coffee but you will get use to it and probably never go back since you taste buds have got use to drinking coffee black.

The idea behind limiting caloric intake during our fasting window is that we don’t want to raise our glycemic index. The most popular intermittent fasting diet is the 16 - 8 method. However, I would you encourage you to expand that to 18 hours of fasting, followed by 6 hours of eating. I have spoken about this particular intermittent fasting schedule in my other videos and blogs. I have been doing this for over three-years and it’s pretty simple. Since a majority of our fast is while we are sleeping, we simply miss breakfast and then have our first meal around noon. Then we will consume all our meals in the afternoon and finish eating around 6pm.

Increase your iron consumption.

One of the most crucial nutrients for thyroid health is iron. Thyroid disorders, such as hypothyroidism, can develop if you don't get enough iron. Fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, and weight gain are some of the results of iron deficiency.

Calories In ~ Calories Out. We should begin strength resistance training if we want to lose belly fat and lose weight. Strength resistance training has been shown to lower visceral fat in studies. Visceral fat is the kind of fat that surrounds the organs in your stomach and makes your stomach appear larger than it is. From my own personal experiences with being involved with bodybuilding and power lifting for over 40 years, I can attest to something that I would recommend, which is Resistance Bands. During my power lifting sessions we would incorporate resistance bands for our bench press and squat routines. Due to all the heavy lifting over the years I developed some nagging injuries. Since this is a lifestyle I have maintained for a majority of my life, I did some research to see how I could alleviate some of the injuries while continuing my workouts. I came across a video by James Grage who is a competitive bodybuilder, Personal Trainer and fitness model. James is one of the reasons I am such a proponent of resistance band training. I no longer use weights in my daily workout routine and virtually I am injury free.

Boost Your Cardiovascular Fitness.

Cardiovascular activity, often known as aerobic exercise, is one of the most effective ways for men to lose body fat. This sort of exercise focuses on improving heart and lung strength and endurance. Many studies and personal experience have proven there is a clear link between cardiovascular activity and belly fat removal.

In addition, cardiovascular exercise increases muscle mass while lowering waist circumference, belly fat, and overall body fat. Aim for around 150 minutes of moderate to intense activity per week if you are attempting to lose weight. This is roughly 30 minutes of exercise per day based on a five days per week of cardio training. For most people, indoor rowing is the best cardiovascular and overall body workout to lose fat. However, if you want to save money and not have to purchase cardio equipment, there are some incredible body-weight exercises like burpees or mountain climbers you can do. These type of cardio exercises will be shorter time periods and what are referred as High Intensity Interval Training, which I will discuss in the next section.

Participate in High-Intensity Interval Training.

This is one of the “must” things to do when we are looking at losing body fat while increasing our overall health. A fast burst of high-intensity activity is followed by a brief recuperation phase in this type of training. This is often repeated six to ten times in a single session. Only 20 minutes of High-Intensity Interval Training three times a week resulted in 4.4 pounds of fat loss over three months, according to some studies. This is where you can incorporate the burpees or mountain climbers I mentioned in the previous section.

In closing, I will be creating other videos and blogs on health and wellness for both men and women.

I invite you to contact me with any questions and updates on your progress. I wish you all the best in your health related future endeavors.

Take care and God Bless.

About The Author: Steve is a Christian Blogger, Videographer, and Personal Trainer who has a passion of bringing positive content while enhancing the lives of others through his blogs and videos.

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