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How To Lose Weight Naturally Without Dieting

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Do you every wonder why there is an obesity epidemic in most developed countries? Open source research indicates obesity rates have drastically increased among the various demographics, from adults to include children. According to recent statistics 34% of adults and between 15 – 20% of children and adolescents are obese.

There are a number of factors for this epidemic that would include poor eating habits, quality of food consumed and the frequency of meal consumption. However, I will be focusing on the benefits of Intermittent Fasting as it relates to the time frequency of consuming our meals.

I came from the ‘Old school’ mentality of bodybuilding that dictated eating every 2.5 to 3 hours to achieve the desired consumption of six meals a day. With this lifestyle the stomach works hour after hour, day after day, to digest food. Although the stomach does an awesome job in trying to process this barrage of food we eat, the strain we place upon our system is often too great. Like anything that is overworked, sooner or later there are going to be some problems. The stomach needs time to digest, rest and then prepare digestive juices for the next intake of food. Then, and only then, will the stomach do an efficient job of digestion so the body can reap the health benefits. With the state of constant overload the stomach cannot cope with all the undigested food that soon starts to ferment and putrefy. Is it any wonder that the brain becomes fogged and energy levels are depleted.

So why is gut health so important? The answer is simple: It influences our well-being. It has an impact on our immune system, our risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes, and our metabolism. It also affects our mental health, such as our mood and mindset.

So why am I such a proponent of Intermittent Fasting? Studies after studies have indicated some proven health benefits.

The following are those health benefits:

• Weight Loss

• Anti-Inflammatory Properties

• Anti-Aging – Extends Lifespan

• Increased Fat Burning

• Possible Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes

• Improved Mental Concentration

• Increases Brain Function and Health

• Increased Energy

• Activation of Autophagy (getting rid of dead, diseased cells and replacing them with healthy cells)

• Improve Heart Health

• Lower Risk of Cancer

• Increases Human Growth Hormones

So, knowing the health benefits of Intermittent Fasting, how does one change their current eating habits to incorporate something that is basically natural for us? I would suggest a gradual transition whereupon you initially miss breakfast and morning snacks. Consider start eating your first meal around noon and your last meal no later than 8pm.

Prior to your first meal it is imperative to remain in a state of ketosis, which is a metabolic state where you are burning body fat for fuel instead of glucose. Basically, during this state of ketosis you can not consume anything that is over 10 calories. Therefore, in the morning I recommend drinking black coffee, green tea or one of my favorite beverages, water with apple vinegar cider and lemon juice (this beverage has some additional health benefits).

I recommend your first meal be high in protein and low in carbs. This will ensure your insulin doesn’t spike drastically, which is important after fasting. Approximately an hour later you can have a substantial meal with all the fixings.

Another recommendation, especially due to this current pandemic, is to enhance your immune system with the following supplementation:

• Zinc

• Vitamin C, D, E & K

• Calcium Magnesium

• B Complex

• Multi Vitamin

After a period of time you may wish to "up the ante" by transitioning into something called the “Warrior Diet”. This particular lifestyle will require a fasting period of 20 hours followed by an eating window of 4 hours. This is my favorite from all the Intermittent Fasting schedules I have participated in.

From a personal perspective I love this lifestyle because I have experienced many of the noted health benefits over the past three years. I have much more energy, a heightened sense of well-being and I maintain a Body Fat Ratio in my age category at the lower scale of lean.

I hope that I have encouraged you to consider this lifestyle choice. Trust me when I say you will love the health benefits and your overall sense of well-being.

About The Author: Steve is a Christian Blogger, Videographer, and Personal Trainer. His content creation focuses on Societal Lifestyles, Health/Fitness and Faith.

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