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Kindle Publishing Account Terminated!

If you are an author just starting to self-publish your work, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is likely at the forefront of your mind. KDP makes it easy to publish digital and print copies of your book that can be purchased on platforms like Amazon and even independent bookstores and libraries.

However, many authors forget that operating with KDP does come with a certain level of risk - Amazon reserves the right to terminate any account associated with their services without warning or prior notification for any reason.

As we will explore in this blog post, KDP may terminate your account at any time without warning—and there are very few legal options available should they do so. To ensure you protect both yourself and your work, read on to learn more about the potential dangers of Amazon KDP and why authors should remain vigilant when using this service.

Why would Amazon terminate KDP accounts?

First, it's important to understand that Amazon's digital books are subject to their own set of policies and procedures. This means that all content must adhere to their standards for acceptable material. If your book contains nudity, explicit language, or any other content that is deemed to be offensive, it will likely not be accepted. Additionally, all titles must include accurate and complete information regarding their authorship and content.

Second, authors should understand the terms of service for Amazon KDP. It's important to read through these policies carefully in order to remain in compliance with the company’s rules. Violating any of these policies can result in immediate removal of your book and/or a ban from publishing on Amazon. Additionally, authors should always ensure that their titles are properly categorized according to Amazon's guidelines.

Third, it's important for authors to be aware of pricing restrictions for digital books on KDP. When setting the price of your book, it must fall within the acceptable range and not exceed $9.99 or 99 cents per title. Additionally, it's important to be aware that there are certain fees associated with using KDP, such as a listing fee and royalty payments for each sale.

Finally, authors should always strive to create quality content and ensure that it is properly edited and formatted before submitting. Amazon requires that all digital books meet its high standards in order to be accepted, so make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure your book looks and reads great. Following these tips will help you avoid any issues with publishing on Amazon KDP.

All in all, following the rules of Amazon KDP is essential for anyone looking to self-publish a digital book on the platform. It's important to read and understand their policies, ensure that all content meets their standards, and take the necessary steps to create quality books that adhere to Amazon’s guidelines.

Some authors have lost their entire royalties when Amazon KDP terminated their account

Some authors have been completely devastated when they lost their entire royalties following the termination of their Amazon KDP account. This can be a huge setback for authors who rely on the income generated by their books, as they have spent months and even years working hard to create and publish them.

The reasons behind Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account termination can be varied and complex, but typically involve the violation of Amazon’s terms of service or copyright infringement. It is important for authors to ensure that they are aware of these policies and adhere to them in order to protect their rights and royalties.

In some cases, authors may not even be aware that their account has been terminated and can find out only when they attempt to log into their account. In such cases, authors may be eligible for KDP's "Account Reinstatement" program which allows them to appeal the termination of their account and possibly have it reinstated.

In addition to knowing Amazon’s policies, authors should also be aware of their rights as authors. This includes taking the time to research and understand copyright law, as well as any licensing agreements they have with other third-party publishers or distributors. It is also important for authors to be aware of their contractual obligations and any potential liabilities that may arise from violations of these contracts.

In cases where an Amazon KDP account has been terminated, the authors should pursue all possible avenues to restore their lost royalties. This includes filing an appeal with Amazon, or working with a third-party publisher or distributor in order to generate additional revenue streams. Authors may also wish to consider investing in marketing strategies such as paid advertising or book tours in order to reach new readers and build a larger fan base.

Ultimately, authors must take responsibility for understanding and adhering to the policies of Amazon KDP and any other publishing or distribution platform they use. By taking proactive steps to protect their rights, authors can ensure that their hard work and dedication are rewarded with continued success.

There appears to be no recourse against Amazon for having your KDP account terminated

Unfortunately, there appears to be no recourse against Amazon for having your KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account suddenly terminated. This can be a devastating blow for authors and publishers who have come to rely on the platform's ease of use and access to millions of potential readers.

Unfortunately, Amazon also reserves the right to terminate any KDP account at any time, without warning and without providing an explanation. This can be especially devastating for authors who rely on income from their work and have invested considerable time into marketing and building a readership on the platform.

In some cases, authors may be able to appeal Amazon’s decision, but it’s unclear if this is a viable option. Amazon’s customer service team may be able to provide more information or offer assistance, but ultimately it is up to the company to decide whether or not to reinstate an account.

Ultimately, authors should remember that while KDP can be an incredibly useful tool for distributing works, Amazon reserves the right to terminate any account at any time. Therefore, authors should take all necessary precautions to ensure that their work is properly safeguarded and protected from potential termination.

There are other viable options to publish your books

There are several alternatives for authors to publish their books outside of Amazon KDP, including Google Play Books, Lulu, and CreateSpace. Each of these services offer different advantages for authors, depending on the type of book being published.

Google Play Books is an ideal platform for authors who are looking to have their book available on a wide range of devices. Google Play Books allows authors to sell their books in the Google Play Store, giving readers access to the book on their Android devices and Chromebooks. In addition, authors can set their own prices and keep 70% of their profits.

Lulu is an ideal service for authors who are looking to have physical copies of their book printed. Authors can easily create and upload their book to the Lulu platform, allowing them to order copies of their book in various sizes, paper stock, and colors. In addition, authors can also sell digital versions of their books through Lulu for a variety of e-readers.

CreateSpace is another popular service that allows authors to publish and distribute their books to a variety of retailers. Authors can create their own book cover, set their own pricing, and even create promotional materials. CreateSpace also allows authors to keep 100% of the profits from their sales, making it an ideal platform for authors who are looking to maximize their profits.

Additionally, many authors choose to publish their books through traditional publishers or agents. While this can be a more involved process than using a self-publishing platform, it also has significant advantages such as increased visibility and marketing resources. Traditional publishers or agents can also help you negotiate deals that maximize your revenue potential and protect your intellectual property rights.

Each service has its own advantages and disadvantages, so authors should consider their goals and needs before deciding which platform is best for them. All of the platforms mentioned above make it possible for authors to publish their book easily and quickly, giving readers access to new content. No matter which service an author chooses, there are plenty of options available for successful book publishing.

Personal experience with Amazon KDP account

I self published a series of educational books for preschool and kindergarten children that comprised of ‘connect the dots’ for alphabet and numbers learning.

One book I published on Amazon’s KDP platform centered on journaling the positive things that happened in their day. I noted a positive quote at the top of the journal page and created sections to enable them to write about things they are grateful for, recording what made them happy, and describing a funny or memorable moment in their day.

In the advertisement section of Amazon I placed a journal description that depicted the benefits of journaling for children are numerous. I noted how it can help to develop literacy skills and fine motor coordination. It also gives young children a safe space to express themselves without fear of judgement or criticism. Additionally, journaling can be used as a tool for reflection and problem-solving. As children get older, they will be able to look back on their journals and see how far they have come. Finally, journaling can be used to document personal growth over time and track progress in various areas of life.

I received an email from Amazon that vaguely depicted I had violated some policy regarding copyright of the positive quotes depicted in this journal. I was advised to remove the journal from my KDP account, which I immediately complied. A few days later I received notice that my KDP account was suspended. I immediately responded and advised Amazon that the journal had been removed.

Then I was shocked when I received an email advising me that my KDP account was permanently terminated and I was not allowed to open another account – period! I responded by advising Amazon of my 30+ years experience as an educator and my purpose of creating these educational books was to enhance the learning and development of children. However, Amazon responded that their decision was final – no recourse.

I conducted some open source research and discovered many authors, some who rely on royalties from their books on Amazon's KDP platform for their income, have had their accounts terminated without any recourse.

Call To Action

Publishing on Amazon KDP can be an exciting venture, but it is important to be extremely cautious when doing so. Extreme caution should be taken to ensure that your account is not subject to termination for arbitrary reasons without adequate explanation, leaving the author high and dry. This can be a death knell for an author's career, as their books suddenly disappear from sale with no warning and no recourse.

Unfortunately, in many cases, it appears Amazon has not provided clear guidelines for what will and will not result in account termination. There isn’t a fair appeals process for those who feel they have been wrongfully terminated. I believe Amazon should provide more support for authors who have had their accounts terminated, such as helping them to find alternative publishing options. Finally, I wish Amazon should work to ensure that the termination process is transparent and unbiased. Something that currently in not in place!

I believe authors need to make sure they are aware of the risks associated with using Amazon KDP and demand more protections and transparency. They should also demand that Amazon provide more support in the event that their accounts are terminated. The only way to get these changes is if authors band together and make their voices heard. So don't stay silent - help ensure that all authors have a fair chance of success!

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